Career Exploration

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Career Exploration Worksheet


NAME _____________________________ DATE_____________

What’s the difference between a job, a career, and an occupation?

Visit this link and write a brief explanation below.


Take the 3 assessments on the link below and then identify the following:

1. Career cluster(s) __________________________________________

2. Careers you are interested in researching. _________________________________


Visit to access videos about careers of interest. View at least 1 and then respond to the question below.

What did you learn about the career in the video? Do you still think it would be a good fit for you?



Visit this website and research a career. Use the tabs at the top of the page to access information. Complete section I of the worksheet.

Research a college or vocational school you might want to attend and complete section II of the worksheet. You might want to start here: or visit


Name _________________________________ Career Choice____________________

I. Career Choice: At the Occupational Outlook website, complete the following.

Chart at the top.


Entry-level education

Work Experience

On-the-job training

Number of jobs

Jobs outlook

Use the tabs at the top to answer the following:

1. What do they do?

2. What is the work environment?

3. How can I become one?

4. What is the pay?

5. What is the outlook?

6. Research the state where you would like to work and identify specific information about the career’s outlook there.

7. What are similar occupations? (list at least 2)

8. Click More Info and create a bullet list of at least 3 new pieces of information.

II. College/Technical school/Training

1. What school/training is of interest in preparing for this career?

2. What is the cost?

3. If I am going to college, what kinds of courses will I be taking?

Be ready to write a paper in class soon (not today) about your career plans now that you have explored your interests and options.

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