Samhita Bondada

What are Ceramics

According to the dictionary,ceramics are "pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat." There are some materials that are permanently changed when heated,the things made from these materials are called ceramics.In art, pottery is a form of ceramics


When and where this happened is still a mystery which probably won't ever be solved.There is now evidence that the discovery that fire turned clay figures permanent happened in the Stone Age.This was the beginning of ceramics.Many people think that china was the first one to create ceramics and then it spread to Japan and Korea and then to the rest of the world.Archeologists now believe the discovery was made around 30,000 years ago.

Function in Society and Culture

Most people probably have at least 2 ceramic items in their home.the most common ceramics are art sculptures,home decor, dishes, platters, other kitchen wear, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.These ceramics are mainly for beauty. There are some ceramics that are used for medical and technological purposes. This a less known use of ceramics.Some examples are computers, tools, dental replacements, engine parts and tiles on space shuttles.The reason we use ceramics in technology is because they are strong and some of them are super-conducters.

How It Works

Ceramics can be anything. Any thing that is made from a material that is permanently changed by heat(mostly clay) is a ceramic, so to make a ceramic all you have to do is get one of these materials , make something,fire it and there you go, you have a ceramic.