causes and effects of American Revolution


1st Continental Congress was a group designed to communicate within the colonies as well as discuss the rights of the colonies.

Boston Tea Party, which was when a group of Americans came together and destroyed British tea and their ships.

Call for independence was when the patriots were calling for independence. Thomas Payne writes common sense which is a call of independence from Britian.


2nd Continental Congress was called for an army and George Washington was put in charge.

Coercive act passed as punishment for Boston and closed Boston harbor and also suspended basic civil rights .

Declaration of Independence officially signed on July 4, 1776


Enlightenment Thinkers

Thomas Hobbes: National Rights

Baron de Montesqieu: Separation of power

John Locke: National rights & Limit government power

Jean-Jacques: Social contract


The Stamp Act placed taxes on all official documents.

"No taxation without representation."

The Townshend Act placed taxes on imports such as tea, glass, paper, and paint.

Inflation due to the war made food and clothing scarce.

Paper money was near worthless.

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