October 12, 2018

UpComing Dates

Saturday - October 13

AVB Tournament @ Star of Bethlehem

BVB Tournament @ St. Paul's Muskego

9:30 am CGBBP

6 pm Youth Group Dinner and a Movie

Sunday - October 14

8:15 and 10:45 am Worship

12:00 pm Dance Practice

4 pm AVB Practice

5:30 pm CBBBP

Monday - October 15

12-3 Operations Team Meeting

4 pm Chancery Fundraiser Night

6:15 pm WISCO Grade School Band

Tuesday - October 16

3:45 pm Faculty Meeting Book

6:30 pm Chruch Council Meeting

6:30 pm ABBBP

Wednesday - October 17

8:45 am Chapel Gates

8:30 am 3K-4K Field Trip Basse's Tour

9:45 am Grade 4 OWW FT

3:45 pm Photography Club

5:30 pm AVB Practice

Thursday - October 18

3:45 pm Math Club 3-5

6:30 pm ABBP

Friday - October 19

1st Grade Field Trip to Eberts

Grades 2&3 to Discovery World

2:45 pm Junior Choir

Saturday - October 20

AVB Tournament at WISCO

9:30 GCBBP

Sunday - October 21

8:15 am TLS Grades 6-8 Sing

Devotion Leader

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  • Sign Up for Teachers Conference
  • Tuesday afternoon is about the book. Make sure you have read intro and chapter one and have filled out the questions.
  • Rember that MAPs is this week. If you need anything please ask.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


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For the next couple of weeks, I will include some of the graphic Bible passages that the 8th graders made.


I left the articles from last week up. No new ones to make sure you have time to focus on the Power of One Reading for Tuesday.

25 Things You didn't know Google Slides could do!

Google Slides is a very underused tool if all you think it can do is present. Try some of these other uses.

Podcasts for Teachers

Some of these I have listened to and some I have not. Enjoy and share if you find any that are really worth it.


No New one this week. There will be one on ILUVPDF next week stay tuned.