January 29, 2021

Eagle Academy encourages academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations.This combination provides every child with the foundation needed to achieve proficiency of Eagle Academy’s performance standards at each instructional level.

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  • Feb. 2 (Tuesday) - Visit Your Schools Month Virtual School Tour 9:00 a.m.
  • Feb. 5 (Friday) - Asynchronous Learning (no in-person instruction)
  • Feb. 9 (Tuesday) - APB meeting (5:45 p.m.) via YouTube Live
  • Feb. 10 (Wednesday) - School Picture Day
  • Feb. 11 (Thursday) - Valentines Day Celebration

More information about these events appear further down in the newsletter. You can also visit the News & Events section of our website homepage. (https://www.asdk12.org/eagleacademycharter)

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  • If your students will not be attending school for the day, please make sure you contact the front office (907) 742-3025 as soon as possible in the morning. This is true for both those who are attending in-person or EACS Online at home. This will prevent those automatic system generated phone calls or text/app alerts.

  • EACS Online students are expected to attend their daily classroom Zoom sessions (Monday-Thursday). If your student does not join the Zoom session, the will be considered absent. If they are late signing on, they will be considered tardy.

  • Per our normal protocols, students absent due to medical or emergencies are typically marked excused. Student absences due to parent choice (vacations, sporting events, etc.) are marked as unexcused. We do encourage students, if they are able, to attend their class daily zoom sessions or watch the video recordings so that they do not fall behind.
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The lottery system is open for applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Lottery applications are due by 5 p.m. on March 18, 2021. The lottery will run on March 19, 2021. Parents/guardians will be notified of the lottery results on March 26, 2021.

Don't forget that you MUST submit a lottery application for any sibling that you want to attend Eagle Academy. The ONLY way a seat can be offered is through the lottery system.

*If you have a Kindergartner next year, please submit an application for them*

If you know of someone that is interested in our program, please let them know that the lottery application system is now open!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Admin. Assistant, Tamara Gagnon at the front office (907) 742-3025.

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Our Lifetouch Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10. All staff and students will be having their pictures that day. Students should dress in uniforms, as these are the pictures that will be used for the yearbook. There will not be a traditional class picture taken, but for those that would like to order the class picture, Lifetouch will create a composite picture with all the classmates' pictures on one sheet.

The photographers are very aware of the safety precautions and will be following the appropriate protocols, including wearing a mask, sanitizing the portrait area between students, and taping off areas on the floor 6 foot apart to keep the students appropriately spaced while waiting for their pictures. As in the past, the photographer is not allowed to adjust hair or clothing of the students, but can give verbal and visual cues for the students to follow if something needs adjusted. In the past, we have had volunteers be more involved in prepping the students in that way, but we will not be having volunteers in the building to help with pictures this time.

As is usual for fall pictures, you can preorder the pictures with the flyer that will come home the week of pictures or wait and receive the picture proof sheet after the pictures are processed. If you want to order pictures at that time, there will be information that accompanies the proof to do so. At this time, we do not have any retakes scheduled, and I don't know for sure if we will be scheduling any. If you have a student who is doing EACS Virtual, or will not be able to attend picture day in person, I am working on details to make sure they will still be included in the yearbook.

I hope to have that information available next week for you. Thank you for being patient and understanding as we have tried to make sure we are able to actually get our students photographed this year!

Please contact Jennifer Bundy, jeeperjoebundy@yahoo.com or 907-884-5008, with any questions.

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Classrooms will be having mini-celebrations in honor of Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 11th.

For health and safety reasons, we are asking the following:

  1. Have notes signed "from: ______________" but please leave the "To: ____________" blank
  2. We are encouraging non-edible, store bought/sealed treats, and notes.
  3. Place your treats/notes in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Staff will sort and stuff gift bags for all students in the class.
  4. Bring your treats/notes to school by Tuesday (Feb.9) so that items can sit for 48 hours before being distributed to students on the 11th.
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The muni testing site (Visit Health) that has extended their hours to accommodate schools. Their hours are Mon-Sat from 8a-7p. Staff and students can pre-register for a COVID test via the link below. or they can just show up during open hours.


They will do testing for symptoms, no symptoms, or quarantine. Free for all Alaska residents.


Awesome Job Everyone!

Please continue take a few minutes to conduct a daily self check before departing for school in the mornings. When in doubt, self select out.

Below is an updated version of the Keep ASD Symptom Free daily screening guidance form, return to school options for students who with COVID symptoms or have recently tested positive for COVI, and a Chronic Condition/Symptom Release Form.

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Due to the number families that travel during Spring Break, Eagle Academy will be implementing proactive measures to mitigate the potential of COVID-19 transmission in our building by resuming instruction online for the week March 15-19th. In-person instruction will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

If your family is traveling for spring break, you can find the current guidance here:

Upon return from traveling out of state, there is currently a requirement to quarantine. The number of days is determined by what actions you take during your travel and after you return.

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Did you see Eagle Academy's National Blue Ribbon Schools t-shirt and wish that you could get one for yourself or a friend or family member? Well you can! Click here Custom Ink Link to order your t-shirts. You can submit your order and pay directly for any size or style. The deadline to order is February 12, 2021.

There are two options:

  1. You can have your items shipped to EACS for free. You'll be contacted as soon as your items arrive.
  2. You can have your items shipped directly to your home for an additional fee.

If you have any questions contact Paige Saylor at: saylor_paige@asdk12.org

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The PTO is looking for more ways to keep our families informed during this pandemic. We are looking for one parent from each grade level to serve as the classroom parent. Your role as the classroom parent would be working with the PTO and that grade level teacher to share information with the families of that grade level.

If you would like to help, please contact Heather Milligan via phone or text at (774)254-1238 or email at hmilligan8@gmail.com

Thank You!


Deanne Carroll - Principal

Vanessa Hall - APB Chair: (907) 230-6365

Missy Timberlake - APB Teacher: (907) 301-8653

Mindy Edison - APB Teacher: (907) 223-7774

Jennifer Bundy - APB Parent Member: (907) 884-5008

Cheryl Raile - APB Parent Member: (858) 780-6225

Paige Saylor - APB Parent Member: (843) 437-5783

Vacant - APB Community Member

Eagle Academy PTO

Tonya Prentiss - Chair: (719) 213-5678

Beth Sherwood - Co-Vice-Chair: (907) 362-3499

Alysia Thayer - Co-Vice-Chair: (303) 378-3097

Vanessa Hall - Co-Treasurer: (907) 230-6365

Amie Mitchell - Co-Treasurer: (907) 830-1604

Haley Gagnon - Secretary: (907) 310-6690

Heather Milligan - Parent Rep: (774) 254-1238

Mindy Edison - Teacher Rep (907) 223-7774