Romeo and Juliet Projects

Your Options to do Alone or with One Other Person

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster that reflects an important concept from the novel

  • Use a poster board
  • You must have a title, tagline, director, producer, and major actors displayed on the poster
  • Artwork must be creative and there must be evidence of EFFORT!!!
  • Computers may only be used for text
  • On the back of the poster, you must write a paragraph that logically explains your concept and why you chose the actors that you referenced

Book Jacket

Design a book jacket for the novel. It should be original and not contain any copied elements or words from the original book jacket(s).

  • Front Side of Jacket - attractively and appropriately design and decorate. Must include title of book and the author
  • Back side of Jacket - attractively and appropriately design and decorate. Must include all of the following:
1. A short plot preview (one or two paragraphs: 4-6 sentences per paragraph).
Do not give away the whole story but include the setting.
2. References to the main characters (up to 3) with brief descriptions of each.
3. A brief (at least one paragraph) critical assessment (your evaluation of the
work - good points, bad points, recommendations, etc.)
4. All parts of the jacket must be in your own words. It must also include correct
spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics

Newspaper Page

There is a crisis in Verona: The Capulets and the Montagues have a long standing feud. Work in a group of one or two to make a newspaper special edition about the escalating violence between the Capulets and the Montagues. Each newspaper should be 4-5 paragraphs.

  • Use a poster board for the newspaper
  • You must have a title for your newspaper
  • The newspaper front page should include the following articles written by you

1. One legal dispute (a property dispute, a negligence lawsuit, etc.)

2. One incidence of violence between the two houses

3. One act of sabotage, trickery, or underhanded debauchery

4. One feature on the prince's decree (with quotes from his decree, Act I, scene1)

5. One current events editorial entitled: "Romeo and Juliet: True Love or Rebellious


  • Visual presentation and more...