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May 24

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General Announcements:

  • Message from Dr. Endsley
  • Families planning on moving over the summer
  • Locker clean out
  • Course Request for the 2016-2017 School Year
  • Message from Nurse Dottie
  • Summer School Registration
  • Fans department new mobile and website
  • Congressional Youth Advisory Council
  • Fans letter about student accounts at the end of the year
  • Spring 2016 Exam Schedules
  • PPA Golf Tournament

Jasper Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to make a few friendly updates and reminders as student clothing choices start to change a bit with the warmer weather. We typically see an increase in students out of dress code in the months of May and June. We want to continue partnering with you to keep our students in the classroom and in learning mode. A student who is out of dress code will be sent to the student center where they will need to correct the dress code violation (either with clean clothes we have to change into or a change of clothes from a parent). Students will not be allowed to go back to class until the dress code violation is corrected. We will also issue a reminder announcement to students today. You can find the district dress code in the student handbook, http://tinyurl.com/jenf4g2. Thanks for partnering in this effort.


Matt Endsley

Families planning on moving over the summer

Are you planning to move over the summer?

If you don’t think you’ll be attending school in Plano ISD in August,

please complete an “Next Year Notification” form. You may pick this form up from Mrs. Morgan at the registrar’s office. Please return the form to Mrs. Morgan by June 3, 2016.

If you are moving to another location within Plano ISD attendance boundaries, you must have an approved transfer to return to Jasper, in August.

If you have already moved and have not updated your address with Jasper, please bring in a current gas or electricity bill to the Counseling office as soon as possible so that we can update your address. Jasper High School mail will be delivered during the summer and we want to be certain that it is being sent to the correct address.

Locker clean out

Locker Clean Out will occur on May 26, at 4:05 pm. This is the day that the custodians will open the lockers and empty out all remaining items. All personal items should be removed from your locker before 4:15 pm on May 26.

Course Request for the 2016-2017 School Year

Attention Sophomores: Sophomores: 2016-17 course requests will be available for viewing via Parent Viewer effective Monday, May 23. If a student needs to make any changes, please follow the directions below and the deadlines.

Course requests for the 2016-2017 school year can be found on Parent Portal in the Student Registration Section. If a student wants to make a change in his/her course requests, follow the steps below.

-Print the course selection page, cross out the course(s) to be changed and write in the new course(s).

-Include a parent or guardian signature and return the course selection page to your current counselor.

The deadline for turning in all course request changes is June 3, 2016. After Friday, June 3rd, scheduling change requests will not be accepted until Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Schedule change requests beginning August 31 will be considered for the following instances.

-Student no longer wants to participate in a performance-based course requiring an outside of the school day time commitment (athletics, band, orchestra, choir, cheer, drill team, debate or ROTC).

-Student needs to change levels. For example, a student is in an on level course and should be in an honors course or vice versa. Changes will be honored based on seat availability in courses.

Prior to August 31, 2016, the Counseling office will accept schedule change requests for the below instances.

-A student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.

-Student has not met a course pre-requisite.

-Student does not have seven periods.

-Student has an obvious error, such as the same class scheduled twice or two classes scheduled in the same period.

-Student passes a credit-by-exam or an eSchool course and should be moved into a different class.

Message from Nurse Dottie

Parents, please pick up any of your student’s medicine or medical supplies from the school clinic on or before June 3rd. In compliance with PISD policy, medicine will not be sent home with your student. All medicine and supplies left at school after this date will be discarded. Have a safe and healthy summer.

Nurse Dottie


On-line registration for High School Summer School is available Monday, March 21st. Counselors must pre-approve courses in the registration portal. To register, visit with your counselor about course selections, then login to parent portal and complete the student emergency information from any computer with internet access. Courses pre-approved by the student’s counselor will be viewable and available for selection. Online registration and payment is the most efficient and convenient way to enroll in Summer School courses. Questions regarding registration can be directed to the campus counseling office.


First Session

June 13 - June 30

8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Second Session

July 5 - July 22

8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Session Break

July 1, July 4

Note: On the last day of each session students will be released at 10:00 am.


Only one absence is permitted per session.


  • Plano East Senior High School, 3000 Los Rios Blvd, Plano TX 75074

o English, Spanish, Math, Communication Applications and SAT-PSAT Preparation Classes.

· Plano West Senior High School, 5601 West Parker Road, Plano, TX 75093

o Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Health.

For a comprehensive list of High School Summer School course offerings, visit: http://www.pisd.edu/students/summer.school/high.school.shtml

Fans Department new mobile app and website:

To view directions about the new fans department mobile app and website, please click on the desired information below:



Congressional Advisory Youth Council

To learn more about this oppertunity from Congressman Sam Johnson, please click here: http://samjohnson.house.gov/constituentservices/congressionalyouthadvisorycouncil.htm#apply

Fans letter about student accounts at the end of the year
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2016 Semester Exam Schedule
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PPA Golf Tournament
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PTSA/ Jasper Booster Club Announcements:

  • None

Jasper Clubs/ PWSH Announcements:

  • 10th grade families going to PWSH
  • PWSH Hockey Tryouts

10th Grade Families going to PWSH

10th grade families going to Plano West next year, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and sign up for the Plano West E-news. You will automatically be put on the Plano West e-news August 1, but we do not want you to miss any important information we share through e-news throughout the summer. This can be completed by going to parent portal: https://parentviewer.pisd.edu/

PWSH HOckey Tryouts


The Plano West Ice Hockey Club regular season tryouts will be held this summer in mid August. Please mark your calendar to check our website, www.planowesthockeyclub.com, in August for tryout information. All 8th - 12th grade hockey players that live within the Plano West boundaries are eligible to participate. Our season runs from September - March.

Be a part of the Plano West Hockey tradition! Like us on Facebook.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information: "Did You Know"

Did you know approximately 25,00 people overdosed and died from prescription drugs in 2014? You can help keep unused and expired prescriptions from being abused. The DEA holds a drug “take back” day where you simply bring any unused or expired medications to a site and drop it off. It is FREE and it is EASY to do! On April 30, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, you can stop by any collection site nearest you and drop off your medications. There will be sites at PSHS, PESH, PWSH and Clark schools this year. I have included the website if you need a site closer to home.

Please consider cleaning out your medicine cabinets and help us fight the battle of prescription drug abuse. Together, we can make a difference!

Check out the article from the Plano Police Department. https://nextdoor.com/agency-post/tx/plano/plano-police-department/national-drug-take-back-2016-20761427/

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