What bunburying actually is.

What is Bunburying and Why would i do it?

When you here bunburying, what do you think it means? I know when i first heard that word, i thought it meant the act of burying buns. well it actually is " the act of creating a friend or relative in another location who is used for the purpose of getting out of one's current situation to go enjoy pleasurable activities somewhere else." Bunburying is also pretending to be someone else, a fictional character, not a living person. You would use bunburying to get out of things maybe. For example, you have a wife/husband and 3 kids who never leave you alone. You could either deal with them, and never have time to yourself, or, you can bunbury. Another reaso to bunbury is so if someone is looking for you, but they only know your name, you can pretend to be a whole other person.


Rules/ steps to Bunburying

Rule #1. Never tell anyone you are bunburying, unless it is a emergency. ( see step #4)

Rule #2. Don't give anyone any of your real personal information if they don't know you by that identity.

Rule #3. Make sure to keep those people from those 2 lives separate. if they meet, you will be in a lot of trouble.

Rule#4. Make sure ,if you are making up a retaliative, that you at least have someone vouch for you that the person is real. If the person you are trying to get away from knows you family, you better ask your mother of father to vouch for you, because if they don't, you won't get away with it, and that person will probably be upset with you.

Rule #5. Have more that 1 home, that no one knows about, so you can pass it off as that persons home. Hotels show up on your credit bill. And if someone finds out about that, they will be suspicious. Its best to just keep a house over there.

Rule #6. If someone tails you, try to loose them. You should have alternate ways or shortcuts. Make sure there is plenty stoplights, so that you can get past one and they can be stuck behind you, and you can get some distance.

Rule #7. Bunbury responsibly. It would be a shame if you get arrested while bunburying. Then you would definitely be caught.

If you don't want to get caught, FOLLOW THESE RULES. These rules were created for a reason.

Benefits of Bunburying

The benefits of bunburying? You get to have fun, or have peace of quiet. You get something you don't get in that other life. We all bunbury for a reason. The fact that you are reading this article proves that you want something that you are not able to do in you regular life. Bunburying is like having a vacation.