Glenview Library

August Newsletter

Library Happenings

6th Grade Orientation and Scavenger Hunt

6th grade classes came for their first middle school library visit EVER this month. They viewed a virtual tour of the library as I narrated the organization, layout, and policies of the library. Students tested their listening & viewing skills by completing a library scavenger hunt after their orientation. Of course, we ended each period with circulation, and they checked out some great books for the start of their middle school reading careers.

South Carolina Junior Book Award (SCJBA) Reading Incentive

All students at Glenview Middle School are invited to participate in the SCJBA Pizza Party incentive. Students must read THREE books on the SCJBA Nominees list and fill out a green form for each of the three books by February 1st in order to attend. There is a SCJBA webpage on the Glenview Library website where students can view summaries of the books and listen to podcasts. Green forms are available in the library.


Class and Individual Visits

29 classes came in this month for orientation and/or circulation. 294 individual students came in to finish school work, read, check books in or out, or sign up to be library helpers.