College Going New Year!

W. E. Greiner Middle School

Join us and help create a College Going Culture in 2016!

Ways teachers can get involved:

Participate in the Bulletin Board Contest (see below for details!)

Wear College Shirts with Jeans on Mondays for the 4th Six Weeks!

Share your college story with your students on Wednesday, January 6 as we welcome them back to school for the Spring Semester.

Share pics and stories of Greiner alumni for a Wall of Fame (see below.)

Proudly display your own alma mater with a door sign (coming soon!)

Wall of Fame

Know about the success of a former Greiner student? We'd love to feature them in a new permanent display called a Wall of Fame. Please get their permission to be featured and send a picture of the student. We'd love to see what colleges our students attend, and what careers they have ended up with and celebrate their successes with our current students. Email submissions to with a photo and brief description.

(See Right) Michael Hendrix- Grambling State University majoring in Computer Engineering

College Bulletin Board Contest!

Decorate your bulletin board, a space in your classroom, or the lockers by your room with a college-going theme to participate.

CILT will judge on Tuesday, Feb 2 and a winner be selected from each grade level and from the Academy/ Elective Teachers for a total of 4 winners. Winners will be able to select $50 worth of supplies.

Need some inspiration? Get your students involved and see what ideas they might have? Talk to your hallway mates and consider doing a hallway theme! Check out Pinterest and search "College Bulletin Boards" for ideas.

Have fun and Good LUCK!

Share your College Story!

Wednesday, January 6 we'll start off the year hearing Ms. Rojas's college story on the announcements. Let's continue sharing throughout the day during the first 5 minutes of each class. Where did you go to school? What did you major in? Why did you go there? Are you a first generation college graduate like many of our students will be? This can be a great time to connect with our students and let them see who you are and where you came from!

College Mondays!

Show your school pride with a college t-shirt and jeans every Monday during the 4th six weeks. Shirts must represent a college or university. This is for staff only.
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