The Secret Life of Bees


"My first and only memory of my mother was the day she died"-Lily, Pg.5

Lily's story is one that reminds me of the storys of childeren who have no power in an era that forces believes upon them. Her sitution is heartfelt, with the loss of her mother and her abusive father.

"When i saw the gun in her hand, i ran toward her, clumsy and falling, wanting to saver her, to save us all."-Lily

T.Ray is a character that is troubled by something that possibly isn't just the death of his wife. The fact that he gets a gun to enforce himself in a sitution were that isn't needed, says a lot about what kind of character he is.

"Like me selling peaches" -Lily

T.Ray owns a peach farm and to help out, Lily sells the peaches at a stand. She dislikes this job, but it gives her time to dream about one day going to college, on scholarship.
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