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5th November, 2013

Mobile Phones

How did we get it?

I got my phone at Christmas 2 years ago, my mother got it on Christmas day, too, but only last year. My father bought it for himself about 3 years ago.

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How much did it cost?

Actualy I don't know exactly how much did my phone cost but I think approximately 1,200 Litas. My mother's and father's each cellphone cost about 750 Litas.

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What plan do we use?

I use "LABAS", my both parents "OMNITEL".

How much do we pay per month?

I spend only about 5 Litas per month. My mother pay 10 Litas with a contract and father doesn't have any expenses because he has job phone.

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What is the use of a mobile phone for us?

We use mobile phones to communicate with each other, our friends, colleagues, to chat, surf the Internet, take some pictures, download useful apps from special Google Play Market.

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