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The difficulty an electric current will face to pass through an object
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An example can be an insulator , insulators have the highest resistance of electric currents so the flow of electrons is mostly stopped by an insulator.


Closed loop electrons flow through.
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The picture above is an example of a circuit , the electrons pass through the battery and then to the lamp. if the source goes out electrons stop flowing through the lamp and the light goes out.


The flow of electrons through an object
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An example can be a current of electrons flowing through Christmas lights which produces light as the flow reaches each bulb.

Comparing and Contrasting

You can't have a current without a circuit or the other one without the other because currents flow through circuits.

Usually circuits have no resistance to allow the electrons to flow freely.

Currents and resistance don't go well together , because resistance will mostly stop the currents.

How can these be used in real life?

You use circuits and currents every time you turn on a light , television , or computer. Resistance comes into play when you bend a wire , this slows down the electrons on their route to the electronic device