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What is Globalization?

Globalization is the worldwide blending of cultures, technology, economic activity, while protecting our enviornment.

Technological Globalization

Technology is just one category from globalization. Technological Globalization is social interconnectivity which expands on a daily basis between people, countries, and even nations. This interconnectivity could be texting, tweeting, "Facebooking", or video chatting people form all around the world. The internet breaks boundaries across the world by enabling easy communication between people anywhere with different ways of communication The Internet is associated with the process of technological globalization because it allows interaction and communication between people with very different lifestyles and from very different cultures.

Economical Globalization

The second category of globalization is economical globalization. Economical globalization is the growth of businesses and markets throughout the world and how they connect with each other. This could be the stock market, investments, or even trade between different countries. Many countries supply resources to each other that the other countries do not have. Many countries that have abundant natural resources rely on this trading system to market their local products and improve their economic state. Although globalization has its benefits and it greatly affects our world, it has its downsides.

Globalization transfers jobs from developed countries to less developed countries. This makes it hard for developed countries to compete. In the United States, the percentage of US citizen with jobs started diminishing about the time China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Globalization encourages dependence on other countries for essential goods and services. But this can also be seen as another flaw. A country could believe that they don't have to produce its own food or clothing anymore. A solution could be making sure everyone contributes wether it's through other countries or through something like NATO.

Environmental Globalization

Moving on in the categories, there's environmental globalization. Environmental globalization is global concerns and actions towards the environment and how to make our world better. Worldwide, we want to keep our Earth clean and safe. Like stopping pollution or saving endangered animals. Whatever it is, we want to keep the place we live clean and healthy.

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Cultural Globalization

In the last category, there's cultural globalization. Culture can be defined as what people eat, how they dress, beleifs they hold, or activities they practice. So, cultural globalization joins these cultures together and makes the rapid movement of ideas, attitudes, and values across national borders. Food is a great example of cultural globalization. Americans could be eating Japanese noodles, Australians Italian meatballs, or Europeans eating Indian curry.

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