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Who I am

My name is Syed Abbas and I am 15 years old. I have many interests and hobbies! One of my many hobbies is playing sports. I love being athletic and going to the gym. I also love reading. It helps me explore other minds and experience new things. I am currently in grade 10, I will be turning 16 this January.

My lIfe line


The top 5 ways to keep a friend

1.) The best way to keep a friend is to be polite and not disrespect them. I have always been friendly to others that is why I make friends easily.

2.) Be supportive! Supporting your friends is a really important thing. Your friend need you when the need advice.

3.)Honesty. Being honest to your friends is a key way to keep friends. No one likes a liar.

4.) Trust your friends. Trust is important in friendship as it is helps maintain the bond with your friends.

5.) Don't be aggressive to your friends. Being calm and easy going is important.

My favourite things

1.) Video games. I play video games almost everyday, Video games have been an important role in my life as it has kept me away from bad things and helped me make friends.

2.) Tandoori Styles. Tandoori Styles is a restaurant my parents and I go to eat and spend time together. I have celebrated a lot of memorable events there which is why it is one of my favourite places.

3.)Sports. I love playing sports. I am a natural athlete, I am good at every sport I play. I have been playing rep soccer, cricket, and have started baseball. I love playing sports with friends and spending quality time.

My Schooling

My first school was Arnott Charlton Peel school. I moved when in the second grade to Hewson Public school, I later went to Sunny View Middle school and now attend Louise Arbour SS. I loved Hewson Public school. I made friends that are now my life friends. I had amazing teachers and experiences. My favourite teacher was my grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Bistrectson. She was the most caring teacher I ever had. She helped me in my academic studies and my family life.

People In my life

I have a lot of friends but my most important friend is Ali. Ali was my friend since grade 1, he has been through a lot with me. He doesn't go to this school since he moved but we still go to each others houses. It would be great if he moved where I live, me and him are friends for life.


After high school, I plan on attending university. I have 3 brothers and all of them have or are attending university. My brothers are my role models and I hope I can follow in there footsteps.

My family smbols