Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese forms of Buddhism

How Buddhism Begun in Japan

Buddhism originally started in India, founded by Siddhartha Guatama. It reached Japan by spreading through China and Korea. Buddhism was allowed by Prince Shotoku, and became very popular. Many people liked it because it was related to their main religion, Shinto. Many people found Buddhism beliefs were based of virtue and wisdom.

Different Forms of Japanese Buddhism

There is not just one type of Buddhism religion the Japanese used. Tendai Buddhism was mainly a study of religious texts. Shingon was about people who liked to practice advanced rituals. People who believed in the religion Amida thought that their would be a perfect afterworld. Zen, one of the most common, believed that something special and different was in everyone.
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Zen Buddhism

Many of the sects of Buddhism died off but Zen became more and more popular. Zen is focused on worrying about your self, meditation, and simple things. Finding inner-peace is very important in Zen Buddhism, this is slightly different then some other sects that focus more on physical things. Many Samurais liked Zen because they could find inner-peace and could help them in battle. Over time, Zen spread to the west and became popular.

Facts about Zen Buddhism

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