Class of 2022

Course Registration

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Process for Tonight

  • Review course planning, resources, and opportunities with Mr. B.
  • Discuss your 4 year plan with your parent - Focus on required courses - Opportunities you want to pursue your senior year
  • Review any necessary planning resources - Course Handbook, Distance Learning Course
  • Review next year's schedule to determine when you can take the classes you want to take
  • Login to Skyward and complete Arena Scheduling

Resource Links

NHS Scheduling 21-22 - Arena Scheduling Tutorial

Scheduling Notes

  • In Arena Scheduling, you can search and add in virtual courses (no more than 2), using Period 0.

  • If there is a period that makes sense for you to take a virtual course, sign up for virtual learning with Mr. Mach (you should still submit a course under period 0 if you know what you plan to take.

  • If you take Physical Education 3rd hour and you do NOT have Music, you will automatically take a virtual learning course.