Syrian Refugees

By Guadalupe Montoya

Syrian refugee crisis

In Syria many people are fleeing their country in fear. Many of these people are fleeing into neighboring countries such as Turkey and Jordan. Among Many of these people fleeing the country most are woman and children. Throughout the process of fleeing many children end up separated from their family's. Many children end up trying to flee the country on their own many of which had to leave all of their stuff behind.


Human rights being violated

  • Number 3 :their right to live witch is their right to live in freedom and safety.
  • Number 14 their right to seek a safe place to live witch is their right to leave and look for another country if they are frightened or unsafe.
  • Their right to food and shelter (#25)
  • and their right to education ( #26),
  • A free world(#28),
  • Their right that no one can take away your human rights(#30).

Organizations Helping Refugees

Many organizations are doing their best to try to help Syrian refugees some of these organizations are Migrant offshore aid station, Hand in Hand for Syria, Refugee Welcome,UNHCR, Medical teams international and many more. These organizations are doing many things to try to help Syrian refugees in their time of need for example some of the things that these organizations are doing to help refugees are that they are having patrol boats to save people or children that may fall of board while trying to reach another country also they are also trying to provide them with education and scholarships, and finally many organizations are providing them with medical assistance , food , cloths and camps etc.