What is a motherboard?

A motherboard is the base of a computer. It connects all the components together allowing them to communicate.


A monitor is basically a screen. Most modern monitors are LCD.

What is the use of a hard-drive?

A hard-drive is used for storing data. It holds files, pictures...

R.A.M (Random.Acsess.Memory)

R.A.M is memory that can be acsessed at random, it is the most common memory found in a computer.


ROM means Read-Only Memory. It contains permanent information that will not be wiped when the device is turned off.

CPU (centural.prossesing.unit.)

CPU controls all instructions and it opens all software and programs.

inputs and outputs

Before your computer can process information it needs a input; this then goes through the motherboard displaying on your screen

touch screens

a touch screen is normal glass with a metallic layer. when your finger touches the metallic layer the two connect. when they do there is a change in the electronic field which finds the coordinates to locate where it was touched. It is a very complicated system.....