Mrs. Kondikoff's Weekly News

Lopatcong Elementary School

Friday, October 9, 2015

Schedule Changes-Art

Beginning Tuesday, October 13, 2015, Nicole Schuitema will be teaching art, district-wide. Let's all give her a warm Panrher welcome! This impacts the entire master schedule at the elementary school. Please check your mailbox on Friday, October 9, 2015 for your updated schedule. Here are some of the changes:

  • The time in which students in grades 1-4 attend art will change. This will require you to change your schedule on the day you have art to get in the required minutes.
  • Kindergarten and Preschool will no longer have art class as a special. Please integrate art into your weekly lessons.
  • There are changes to the music and movement schedule for some second, third, and fourth grade classes. All schedule changes will be reflected on the copy of the schedule in your box.
  • If your class has Ms. Byrne for Music and Movement, Mrs. Hingelberg from the Middle school will be teaching that section. During the first and second marking period Mrs. Hingelberg will teach Ms. Byrne's Music and Movement Classes from 10:20-10:40 on the same day you currently have Music and Movement. During the third and fourth marking period, classes will go back to 12:50-1:10 with Mrs. Hingelberg.
  • Due to the new schedule, you will be required to meet with your grade level team one time per week, as that is all the new schedule allows. Since the amount of special time does not change, there may be weeks where you will be required to spend the second "team time" entering data, working on SGOs, preparing for a staff meeting activity, etc.
Time will be provided during the in-service Monday to review your schedule and coordinate with your grade level team, as you prepare for the upcoming week. Please let me know if there are any conflicts with the new schedules. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility with this change. Please provide me with an updated copy of your schedule by Friday, October 30, 2015.

Basic Skills

Rosemary Azzalina will be providing Basic Skills Instruction to students in grades one through four. She will be working out a new schedule that allows her to service all students. This may require those of you who have Basic Skills students in your classes to change your schedule to allow her to provide Basic Skills Instruction to your students. Thank you for being understanding and working with Rosemary on this change!

Fire Prevention Assemblies and Fire Drill

Great job with the fire drill on Wednesday! The Lopatcong Fire Department observed our fire drill and commented on how quickly we got out of the building and accounted for all our students! Please remember to use all the exits if you are in the All Purpose Room. Sometimes you may get separated from your students when exiting, especially from the All Purpose Room. If this happens, we will make sure we account for everyone when we take attendance. Thank you again for your commitment to student safety.

SGO Deadline and Team Meetings

Please use your grade level team meeting this week to finish your SGO. The deadline for turning in your SGO has been extended to Monday, October 19th. I will stop down during your prep time on Wednesday, October 14th and Friday, October 16th to review SGOs with you. Please have a draft ready to review. I will also be available during the in-service time on Monday.

Please remember to submit your Team Feedback Sheets through google classroom.

October 12th In-Service

On Monday, the in-service will run from 8:00am-3:00pm. Elementary School Staff will meet at the elementary school. Mrs. Newman will do a mandatory dyslexia training in the morning. Any time remaining before lunch will be for you to work with your team on SGOs, schedules, and curriculum planning. In the afternoon, we are planning time with Sarah Buxton and additional time to work in your grade level teams. A detailed agenda will follow tomorrow.

Field Trip Requests

I am beginning to receive field trip request forms. As always, we are looking to get as many of the field trips approved ASAP which will ensure that we get busing for those trips. Please return Field Trip Request Forms to me by Friday October 16th.

The district will not be paying for busing for field trips. The cost of busing will need to be factored into the cost of the trip charged to the students. Please submit your Field Trip Request Form. Once the form is submitted and approved by me, we will submit it to the business office for board approval. After the trip is board approved, we will contract out for busing. Once this is complete, we will know the cost of busing so you can include it in the price the students will pay.

Upcoming Events

10/12-Teacher In-Service (No School for Students)

10/13-Board of Education Meeting @ 7:00pm

10/14-School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Committee Meeting @ 3:00pm

10/19-SGO Due to Noelle

10/21-10/30 SGO Meetings