West Side

News for the Month of December

Table of Contents

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  1. Christmas Music by Livy Blomdahl
  2. Love, Mommy and Daddy by Shannon Saffle
  3. Raising Awareness of Threats Due to Prevalence of Social Media by Althea Turley and Elizabeth DellaMorte
  4. Turtles in the Chemistry Room by Olivia Milne
  5. Trust High Schoolers with the Fate of the Earth? by Matthew Cubetus
  6. Struggles with Self-Harm and Suicide by Livy Blomdahl and Caroline Couto
  7. Giving by Livy Blomdahl
  8. Christmas Magic by Althea Turley
  9. Film Club by Ethan Michael Piers
  10. INVENTEAM by Sara Graff
  11. So Fears... by Sara Graff
  12. Solitude is Bliss: Lonerism by Tame Impala Music Review by Olivia Milne
  13. Matt Taibbi by Gabrielle Healy
  14. Anonymous Advice Column