By Tessa


The land in Kentucky has five main regions. first the farthest west is the Jackson perches. second the north and east of the Jackson perches in the western coal field. This region us very hilly it also has rich farm land. penny royal region lies east west and southern of the western coal field. The bluegrass region is the next thing I am going to tell you about the oldest rocks in the sate lie under the soil there. the soil is rich in limestone. The state has several rivers including Mississippi and other rivers. that is all

Things To See And Do

All the people of Kentucky want tourist to see their state. There are many things to see and do in Kentucky. Kentucky has lots of stuff for everyone. Kentucky has lots of parks to go to. When the moon is full mist from the parks waterfall creates a moon bow. this is a rain bow made from the moon.

fast facts

In Kentucky there was lot of history in Kentucky . first most people agree that the name Kentucky comes from a native Americana. Kentucky is known for their horse back riding. There are a bunch of horse back riding computations. another fun fact is that Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12,1809 and died April 12 1865 .