Move to Cloud

Why The Cloud is leading IT Advancements into the Future

Cloud computing or simply ‘the Cloud’ has become "the new buzz" word in the computing world for the last few years. And even though many people think that they understand how it works, computer experts believe the full potential of this technology is still yet to be discovered. We can take a look at some of the growing top IT uses in this area and be surprised by what's in store for the long run.

The first is the lot that is using this system. Previously IT usage was in the control of large business and government bodies in the early years of computer utilization and growth. But at the moment small businesses and individuals seem to be primary users of computer technological innovations. For example, small enterprises and individuals are now at the forefront of revolutionizing mobile and social systems. And yes, their preferred choice of computing is the cloud. One of the main drivers for this is cost. It is much cheaper for organizations and individuals to move to cloud computing to run their businesses or activities than to invest in computer hardware .

The hype of "the cloud" has started to dim each day as more and more people realize that it has always been the way IT industry is ran. By the time people were using public email providers, people were already using the cloud. The only thing that was lacking then was the term, but not the technology. But one cannot deny that the cloud 10 years ago and the cloud now is different. Right now many telecom companies like mobile phone companies are running their different networks using the cloud more due to big data development and usage. So it is not surprising to find a mobile network in Africa, for example running its servers in Germany or France.

Sensing technologies have also made their way into many of our conventional tools and programs. Many modern mobile gadgets already have a wide range of receptors which drive various programs in our everyday life. Some of these programs are also run on a global scale by firms stationed in one particular part of the world. And this technological innovation is growing larger by the day and partially driving the use of the cloud. A good example is Nike plus. Different joggers around the world are able to record their running times, weight, calories burnt etc. using watches and sensors on their shoes. They are then able to load it to a server ran by Nike. Thereafter they are able to compare notes with their like-minded counterparts around the world. This kind of sharing of information is also very common among other sporting activities and even professions. So much so that whoever said the world is becoming a small village got it spot on.

Intelligent processing has also found its way into our everyday devices and is continually driving us into a more complicated globe. As solutions are shifted into cloud computing, customers of computer technologies are becoming less involved about handling computer infrastructures themselves. So if you are still frowning at the cloud believing that you can by-pass this technology, then think again. The cloud is taking over most of the basic computers functions that we have become accustomed to.