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Mineral Wells ISD


Mineral Wells Independent School District is committed to building a community of life-long learners in a student-centered climate emphasizing character and responsibility.


Mineral Wells Independent School District will design challenging, relevant learning experiences to prepare students for our ever-changing global community.

Article V. Organizational Transformation

The digital revolution and its accompanying social transformations and expectations dictate a transformation of schools from their current bureaucratic form and structure that reflects the nineteenth and early twentieth century factory after which they were modeled, to schools that function as learning organizations. We believe that a learning organization can create the conditions and capacities most conducive for leaders, teachers, and students to perform at high levels and meet the expectations of new learning standards.

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I. The New Digital Learning Environment

Digitization and miniaturization of information processing power are expanding exponentially

and are changing the world, our lives, and our communities at an overwhelming speed. To be

viable, schools must adapt to this new environment. We must embrace and seize technology’s

potential to capture the hearts and minds of this, the first digital generation, so that the work

designed for them is more engaging and respects their superior talents with digital devices and


Infrastructure Upgrades/ Technology Devices

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High speed data communication backbone equipment provides reliable access to digital information for our students.

V. Organizational Transformation

II. The New Learning Standards

The new digital environment demands new learning standards for students so that they will have the values and the capabilities to live, learn, and earn in a free society surrounded by a world that is truly global, connected, and increasingly competitive in scope and character.

Career and technology programs are dedicated to preparing young people to manage the dual roles of family member and wage earner. Career and technology programs enable students to gain entry-level employment in a high-skill, high-wage job and/or to continue their education.

Assessments for Learning (III) and Accountability for Learning (IV)

III. Appropriate and varied types of assessments are essential for informing students about their level of success in ways that affirm and stimulate their efforts and for informing their teachers so that more customized learning experiences may be provided in a timely way. Well-conceived and well-designed assessments should also be used to reveal to parents, the school, the district, and society at large the extent to which the desired learning is occurring and what schools are doing to continuously improve.

IV. Comprehensive accountability systems are essential to achieving minimal personal and organizational performance only. They are necessary for weeding out the incompetent and reconstituting unproductive schools, but such systems serve to create compliance and mediocrity at best. Excellence and sustained exceptional performance come from a commitment to shared values and a clear vision that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Creating organizations that foster commitment requires superior moral leadership and a responsible use of authority.

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VI. A More Balanced and Reinvigorated State/ Local Partnership

A more balanced, reinvigorated state/local partnership can generate the public involvement and community support needed to meet the demands of new learning standards essential to the success of the 21st century learner. The present state-dominated partnership is inherently incapable of creating the type of schools that can provide the learning experiences most needed by students in our schools today. New levels of trust and reciprocal arrangements, including a return of significant authority and responsibility to local communities, are the only hope.

"What are Your Biggest Fears for 2016?"

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