December 2013

Winter Wonderland

2 Hour Delay

Today, Wednesday December 4, 2013 we had a 2 hour delay in Dubuque, Iowa.

Our school, Jefferson Middle School, started at 9:30 a.m. This delay was because of heavy fog. Some days we have a delay because of heavy snow or icy roads. We have only had one 2 hour delay this school year. The weather calls for a lot of snow this winter, and that might many more delays. We even had our first snow day Decemeber 20th which made our winter break longer :)

-Darrell Powell

Community Mobility

For this month’s Community Mobility we bought items for our Life Skills class. We bought chocolate cake and non-chocolate cake for Mr.and Mrs Hattels. We also bought different food items for our recipes. Another thing we do while shopping is buy “Voc.Store” items. Items like bouncy balls, cars, monster trucks, books, and other things. We do all of this shopping on Wednesdays during third and fourth period. Our whole class goes, Darrell , Ane, Jamie, Natalie, and Timmy. Mrs. Clemen’s class goes too; Anselina, Colin, and Andres. We have lots of fun shopping for Community Mobility. We take a yellow school bus when we go on outings. We go every week except when we have early outs and two hour delays. We get into groups of three with an adult. We bring our iPad that have our grocery lists using a shopping list app. We go shopping at Target, Wal Mart and Hy-Vee. We think shopping is Fun.

-Ben Lahey


Voc. Store

The “Voc. Store” is a store in our classroom with items we buy from Walmart, Target, or Hy-Vee. We get to shop on Friday during our second period vocational class. Everyone in our classroom helps with voc. store. Each student has a different job to do. We take turns being the store cashier, the boss, or the banker.

-Jamie Thill

Voc. Jobs

Some of the vocational jobs we do is stickers on folders. we also put metal brackets into the folders. Another job we do is fold papers and put them in envelopes. We have a job we call Baby folders because it has of different things that go in it including papers, CDs, Magnets, and contact information for Medical Associates. One big job we do is recycling for the school. We sort the recycling into colored, white, or newspaper bins. We do all of this during our 2nd period class. We all work hard on our jobs. Darrell, Jamie, Natalie, and Ane all split into two groups. One group does vocational jobs, and the other group recycles. We also take turns in the supply closet. Teachers need supplies so they fill out supply order forms, and we fill them to deliver them. The reason we do all of this work is because we are preparing for our future jobs.

-Ane Torres-Roges

School Dances

We had a school dance Friday, December 6, 2013. It was held in the Jefferson Middle School’s gym. The whole school was invited to come and have fun. They had snacks for purchase. Some Activities included face painting, dodgeball, karaoke, and dancing . We also play basketball and dodgeball sometimes. We always have fun at the dance.

-Timmy Brandenburg

Camp Courageous

We are able to go to Camp Courageous this year! It was full of winter activities. We were able to join other kids from different schools. Some of us did parachute games, and some of us did arts and crafts. There was fun music to sign along to. Everyone got to sit on Santa's lap and get a present. It was a lot of fun. We even went to McDonalds to practice taking orders and using money that we learned with our new Unique curriculum.