SUPER Weekly Agenda

May 16-20, 2016

2015-2016 Priorities

  • Balanced Literacy
  • PBIS
  • Movement with Purpose

Monthly Focus Areas

College Readiness: (May/June)
  • E-mail will be sent with activities

Cultural Competency: Penny Fair Preparation and Research

House of Values: Safety - please review safety expectations at recess

Respect - review voice levels in the cafeteria (lunch duty). Remind students of the voice level they would use if out to eat with family.

Data Priorities

  • DIBELS: Continue progress monitoring at least bi-weekly for red and yellow until EOY testing
  • ISTEP Data Targets: ELA 60%, Math 54%

  • IREAD Pass Rate 2016: 77% (Met District Goal)

  • IREAD Data Target for June: 84% (Stretch Goal)

  • NWEA: How is your team using Skills Navigator to PM skills?

  • SRI: Go over EOY targets with students

  • Achieve 3000/Lexia: Are your students meeting their minutes?


  • Thank you Ms. Herdman for completing our student surveys for the district!
  • Great job on the All Pro Dad's event!! 120 people strong!
  • Thank you Mrs. Humerickhouse for filling in on RTI and always going above and beyond when needed!
  • Thank you Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Gehm, and Mrs. Sellers for all of your work coordinating testing schedules and working out glitches as needed!
  • Congratulations to Ms. Harvey and Ms. Burt for applying and earning a Lowe's Grant for our school!!
  • Great job Ms. Kohler for consistently reviewing hall expectations and waiting in the halls when students do not respond. I can see the improvement!
  • It was great to see so many teams jumping into looking at Zearn last week!

"Don't count the days. Make every day count!"


  • Next Wednesday the staff is hosting a shower for Ms. Meyering following the staff meeting. Mr. VanVeelen is also hosting a gathering at his house on Friday night.
  • Please remember to schedule your summative conference with Christy.
  • Please make sure all of your evidence is complete and as soon as possible you complete your SLOs.
  • Please remember that when adults talk in the halls during transitions it means students begin talking. I am going to work on not talking to teachers when they are monitoring their class in the hall and I am asking you all to join me. It will help us with EOY behaviors.
  • Please make sure you are monitoring your post on the playground. With it being the end of the year monitoring students is highly important.
  • Have you established end of the year expectations with students? Have you made sure they understand what they could miss out on with poor behavior?
  • Please be aware of the absences next week. I am out for district committees and training 1/2 days both Tuesday and Wednesday. I am also out for personal day on Friday. We also have several days with 2 teachers out for various reasons. Please be aware. It is a busy time of year!

How is your class doing on Achieve 3000? How many students have reached 40 activities?

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Strengthening Whole Class Discussions

Sometimes we try to have great classroom discussions without planning and accountability. Check-out this article to learn more about strengthening your classroom discussions! I especially agree with wait time and promoting thinking and organizing thoughts before speaking. Some students need more process time. This is especially true for ESL students. Once everyone starts talking we limit them. Also, I LOVE the cup idea and would love to see someone try this out with our students!!

Guided Reading Assessments

Primary Assessments - Information Provided

  • Letter ID (K-1) - Known letters and visual discrimination
  • Sight word list (K-2) - Known words and visual memory
  • Dictated sentence (K-1) - Sound/letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, and letter formation
  • Writing sample (K-2) - Oral language, vocabulary, visual memory, phonemic awareness, concepts of print
  • Running record (K-2) Oral retell - Reading level and strategies, Recall

While searching the guided reading website there was a great resource that breaks down the skills we should assess within each reading level. Clink on this link to access this great resource!

Digging Deeper with Vocabulary

Check out some great strategies from DOE here!

New Ideas for Improving Fluency?

Check out these great fluency strategies from DOE!

Lexia Usage

Please see the Lexia usage report below. How close are your students on meeting their goals each week? If students are not meeting their minimum minutes they will not show adequate growth. Great job to Ms. Burt who has many students on track and making progress!! Remember to check the reports when you log in for usage. Also, the program is assigning many small group lessons for individual students. How regularly are you completing these lessons? Let's make the most of this program in the end of the year.


Have you used Zearn? See the video below to learn about the program. It aligns to Engage NY and students seem to really love it. Try it out with students before next year! Ms. Sitzman is using it if you want to ask another teacher about it.

Get Healthy!!

May is: National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, National Bike Month, National Salad Month

Morning Movement: Chocolate

Monthly Fit Focus: Promote National Physical Fitness and Sport Month

Activity Challenge: Play a game of sports charades with your class. Take turns guessing and acting out your favorite sports.

5 Star Family Challenge: