Rue Charlot

A street in Paris

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What is Rue Charlot

1. a street in the Le Marais neighborhood of Paris. Here you can find fashion boutiques to bed and breakfasts to food and wine. Rue Charlot is one of the most romantic streets in Paris!

2. a community, Seattle-based importer, food and story teller dedicated to the traveler at heart and home.

Rue Charlot is a 100% independent importer of simple products we have tasted or enjoyed all over the world. We are passionate about the products we import and trust that our community also enjoys life and the pursuit of a simple party.

Rue Charlot newsletter

Over the years our travels have taken us to small pubs in southwest Ireland to remote beaches in Jamaica. We have collected many products and memories that we wish to share with all of you! Simply email us to receive our exclusive newsletter and we will email you the latest in stories and their offerings! Welcome to Rue Charlot!