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Veterans Day Tribute


Veteran's Day is a day to reflect upon the sacrifice from those that have served as well as those that currently serve. For those of you that have either served in the military or have family members who have done so, Thank You. Our way of life would not be possible without those that are always standing at the ready to stand up for what is right.

This Veteran's Day, thank a Veteran. Tell them that you appreciate all that they gave for our country and our freedoms.


From Krissy Venosdale's website:

It’s so popular to say, “Take a risk.” It’s even popular to talk about how risk-taking fits into the classroom. We want to build schools and classrooms where students feel they can take risks. Try new things. But, then? We have expectations. We want teachers to be doing things. Great things. Things that we know work and will continue to work. Trying things like Project Based Learning, open-ended inquiry, new technologies to integrate. But the path to better teaching and learning, is it really a smooth street with no speedbumps? Nope. Are we supporting people in how to move past those speedbumps, learn from them, and keep going? Or are we saying we want risk taking, innovative teaching, and then shocked when there are speedbumps? If we truly want our kids to take risks in learning, then we need to support teachers, and each other, in being lead risk-takers. Going out on a limb. Exploring a new way of doing something. Not because it will be smooth. Because it’s the road to something better. And, it’s the only way to get there.

My Challenge To You:

Remember... you have permission to fail. Take risks, challenge the status quo you are accustomed to in your classroom... The road will be rocky at times, but the destination will make the journey that much more rewarding. Let me know what you need for your journey.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



Remember that we will have a staff photo taken on Wednesday so please bring your green staff polo shirt with you for the picture.


Week at a Glance

Monday: Veteran's Assembly @ AMCMS Old Gym.. Alternate Schedule; Grades are Due by 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 5th Grade Field Trip... Field of Honor; Foundations Team Meeting

Wednesday: Early Release Day; AVID College Spirit Day (Jeans & College Shirt); Staff Photo so bring Green Staff Polo for photo; Google 101 Docs & Sites training at OW

Thursday: Marla with core teachers at Region 6 Technology Training; Hazard Mitigation Team Meeting

Friday: Marla with core teachers at Region 6 Technology Training