John F. Kennedy

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Early Life

• John F. Kennedy was born, May 29,1917, in Massachusetts.

• He was one of eight siblings.

• He got sick a lot, so he barely went to school.

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School Days

•John F. Kennedy went to Harvard.

•He was shadowed by his brother, while he was at Harvard.

•He went to Harvard, for politics.

•He graduated from Harvard in 1940, with Honors.

All the wars he was in.

• John F. Kennedy torpedo boat was rammed in half by a Japanese destroyer.

•He made peace with Cuba.

•He built the Berlin wall.

President years

• John F. Kennedy was a president for 1000 days.

• His vice president , was Lyndon b. Johnson.

• John F. Kennedy was the first president televised live.

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• He was killed in Dallas, Texas.

• Lee Harvey Oswald , killed John F. Kennedy.

• He was shot on the right side of his forehead.

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