Rankin Bulletin

February 1, 2016 - Bulletin # 22

The week in review!

Monday: Specials change from AM/PM and from Music to Art.

Tuesday: Groundhog Day; NCI @ 8:15; 4th grade field trip;

Wednesday: PLC Presentations at Late/Early Start; Reading PD 4th (AM) & 5th (PM); iROCK celebration; The Committee @ 4:15

Thursday: Lockdown Drill @ 2:30 PM

Friday: Popcorn; Daddy/Daughter Mother/Son dance @ Rankin for Randels and Dye families

Saturday: Daddy/Daughter Mother/Son dance at Rankin for Dillon, Rankin and the Learning Community students


Brenda Eskew, uROCK!! Brenda made fleece blankets for a family of boys that have a sleeping arrangement non of us would want to experience. She made each of the boys their own "sports" blanket that they clearly needed. I heard one say last week that he didn't want to get up this morning because he was so warm! It is nice to see support for our students that really are in need of basic necessities.

Wednesday PLC Presentations

We will begin with your presentations on Wednesday. If you send it to me prior to Wednesday morning I will have it up on the computer in the morning on Wednesday. If not, feel free to bring your presentation on a flash drive. I look forward to hearing about everyone's efforts to impact our students reading performance.

The Committee

We will be meeting on Wednesday after school. Our first meeting resulted in wanted to explore M-STEP data which is finally available.....

Anyone is welcome to attend!

M-STEP & WIDA Information

M-STEP Parent Reports are sorted for last spring's testing. The office will distribute those to you to send home. I would like those sent home with/in report cards. There is both a report and a parent letter to go with them.

WIDA testing begins next week (2/10 for Rankin). Mallory was trained for WIDA testing and I have set up the schedule to test on Wednesdays to reduce interuptions with her normal schedule. This will mean that the lab will be closed for testing during selected time periods on test days (2/10 and 2/17). I will send out the schedule once I confirm it with those it impacts......We will also be providing a letter to WIDA parents with regards to testing.


Have you had to adjust your schedule from 1st marking period? Most tell me yes! Please provide me with a new daily schedule. Nothing fancy required.....just the basic time frame of your teaching day. Thanks!