Let's get to work!

It's time to get the show on the road!

Hi Morris!

I really enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your openness to advancing your own teaching competencies. This is a big job -- but it can be so much fun and so much more than a job. In many ways, it can be viewed as a vocation. I am confident you will not only help your students gain new knowledge, but inspire them to think in new ways and embrace challenges that feed personal and professional growth.

We talked about various resources that can be accessed through Faculty Development and I wanted to provide you with an easy (and attractive) way to access those resources. Please explore the links below. I encourage you to bookmark and/or follow these spaces to keep up with our offerings.

Do not ever hesitate to reach out to me or the Fac Dev team for support. We are happy to help connect you to the best resources!

Fac Dev Learning Events

Lunch & Learn Webinars

Wednesday at 12 PM ET

Sessions are recorded and archive link is posted on our Engage page.

30 Minute Target Webinars

2nd and 4th Thursday at 8:30 AM ET

Sessions are recorded and archive link is posted on our Engage page.

Webinar registration information is emailed each Monday or you can sign up from Engage.

Lively discussion takes place during the webinar and continues on Engage... this is a great space to connect with colleagues and learn from their experiences!

Visit our Engage page to link to Workshops, Quick Guides, and learn about other professional development opportunities (like OLC Workshops -- highly recommend)!

Tech Tools to Explore

I've listed some of my favorite tech tools below. Student engagement increases when faculty use multimedia tools to communicate. Plus, a lot of these tools help you work smarter (not harder)!

- Google Apps (I especially love Forms and Hangouts)

- Explain Everything (for your smartphone or tablet)

- WebEx App (for your smartphone or tablet)

- Smore (what I used to create this flyer - easy to email and embed in LEO)

- PowToon (video - great templates!)

- YouCanBook.me (appointment scheduler)

- Screencast-o-matic (just like it sounds!)

Make your news announcements pop... use audio and/or video to thoroughly explain assignments and demonstrate what to do (and not to do)... talk-to-text can allow you to provide comprehensive feedback in an efficient manner... and your smart phone can do all sorts of cool things (voice memos, short videos, meme generators, etc.). If you'd ever like to talk tech, please get in touch!