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In Valts english class students read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. This book was about a lecture given by a man by the name of Randy Pausch gave to a group of people for his kids. It taught a lot of life lessons. Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2007. He was given 6 months to live. He didn’t let that get him down, even though he was dying he was very upbeat and happy. Randy considered himself as a “Tigger,” not an “Eeyore.”

Students were interviewed about the book and what they thought about it. Chancy was asked what she thought about the book? She replied, “I liked it, it was different from what I usually read.” The difference between this book and others is that this one is non-fiction and teaches things about life lessons. “Even though Randy was dying he found ways to be happy,” was Kenny’s response to, what was the most inspiring part of the book. A life lesson that Chancy learned was “how to manage time, and how to love life to the fullest.” Kenny was asked, What was your favorite part of the class? He responded, “Reading a book, because hardly anyone reads.” Did anything in the book impact you in everyday life? Kenny said “Don’t sweat the small things, be happy with what you have.”

The Last Lecture opened eyes of many students about how to live their life.
-Mekayla and Zac

Social Studies

Karen Reason the math teacher at VALTS has not been teaching the usual old boring math its math that will help us in our future and throughout life. as we learn about the importance of keeping our identity secure we also have learned the importance of credit cards and how you should not use them unless you have to. along with all of this we have been doing math packets on everyday math such as division, fractions, subtraction, and all of the basic of math.She has been a big influence on students lives and has been there when we needed her for help. A lot of people will agree that Karen is the best math teacher that they have had.

When Karen Reason was asked “how did you end up teaching math” she responded she had a business degree and always loved math so she applied for the job here at valts and has been here since. The next question i asked Karen was “what do you like about teaching math?” and she responded by saying teaching kids math they will use on a daily basis. Next, I then asked Karen “what do you dislike about teaching math” she then replied when kids tell her math is stupid that is what she don't like. The next question i asked Karen was “what was your average grade in math growing up” and she replied by saying she was a B student. Next, i asked “growing up who was your favorite math teacher” she replied Mr. (Ron) Green from WNCC. Next, i asked “ did you plan on being a math teacher or did it just happen” she replied it just happen she had planned on being a business teacher. The last question i asked was “How did you get the opportunity to teach math at VALTS?” Karen then replied there was a job opening in the paper so she went through the interview process and Kent offered her the job and she has been teaching here every since.
-Cody Martin


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National Guard

Many students have different plans after graduating from high school and my plan happens to be to join the military. I have recently joined the military because i thought it would be fun and a good life experience and i want to make it into a career. When i signed up and when i got in i have to serve a total of 8 years i have to do 6 on and 2 reserved. The branch I am in is The National Guard I am going to stay in the guards for 3 years or so and try to go into the marines. What I have done to start off my career in the national guard is I have gone to drill weekends and I have another drill weekend coming up it is exciting to do this for a living i have liked the offers the guards has giving me and the chance for my college to be paid for. I will be leaving for basic training on Nov. 5th and when i get done with basic training I might get deployed it is a scary feeling, but i will get the opportunity to serve my country. It is difficult staying away from your family so long but in my choice I thought it was the best choice i have made.
-Chris McBurnette


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