Welcome Freshmen!


Hello! I'm Allie and i'm going to tell you a few things about what to expect this year. If you do your work an try to do well, you will have a great year. I have learned so much this year about reading and making connections to make reading very enjoyable.

Independent reading!

This was one of my favorite things we got to do this year. The best part is that you read the book on your own time and you aren't rushed to read the book if you are a slower reader. You also get to pick your own book so you can be sure that it's something you will be interested in and able to talk to her about. So unless you are a super big procrastination, these will be fun and simple. Once you are done reading your book comes the fun part. You get to talk to her about your book, how much you agreed or disagreed with things in it, how the characters acted, and the overall massage or theme of the book. You will probably be nervous the first time but then you realize that it's really easy and you can have a thoughtful talk about the book.