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Diamond View School Principal's Report- Mrs. Heimbigner

Are you a Chain or a Link? We need both!

Hello Diamond View Students and Families,

Our students and staff have just finished up the first trimester and many of you are probably getting ready for Thanksgiving break and the start of the holiday season. In these first few months, we have spent time getting to know you and your family. With your help, and with the help of the staff, much work has gone into setting up a positive and hardworking culture at Diamond View. We have seen major gains in our behavior, attendance, and our students’ iReady scores. One hundred fifty-five students made the honor roll, which is 55% of the school! Students are working hard every day and there are positive results to be seen every day.

That being said, there are also some issues, which are common in middle schools and the adolescent stage of life. Attached is a video that we will be watching here at school. I sincerely hope that you will also take the time to watch it. Even though it references high school, it applies to all ages, especially middle school.

After watching the video, my question for our Diamond View Community is: “Which of us will be the “chain builders” for support to our students that have ventured out a little too far from shore?” Which of us will be the links to make sure that the chain is strong and supported? Let’s work together to have the chains ready for our students who get a little too far out and are in danger of getting swept away.

We know Diamond View is not perfect, but we are always striving to improve. Hopefully, we can face these challenges together. If you have ideas for improving student achievement, while having a little fun while doing so, please help us by sharing. “Are you a chain or are you a link? Either way, we need you.”—from Chains and Link Video

I hope you have a fantastic holiday season and I look forward to our next trimester here at Diamond View.

I hope to see you at parent conferences this week!

11/20-11/22 1:00- 3:00PM

- Mrs. Heimbigner

Congratulations to Mrs. Martin

Congratulations to Mrs. Martin for being the selected recipient for the Region 2 representative at the state Middle School Educator of the Year. Diamond View is proud to say we have the best middle school teacher in all of Northern California at our school.
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Constitution Test Coming Up Soon!

Part of our 8th Grade Graduation requirement is that 8th graders pass the Constitution Test. The test is coming up soon! The test will be on December 11th and 12th. The teachers will be hosting two very important study sessions on December 5th and the other on December 10th. For some, this is the first big test that they have to study for. Please encourage your student to start studying now. Did you know that there are even APPs to help you study the Constitution?

We have Guitars!!

Thank you for buying those lottery tickets! Did you know we were able to fund guitars with lottery money? Yes, it does go to the schools. Mr. Jenner is set up with some fancy guitars to help bring music into the school.
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Great Job ASB!

ASB hosted a pep rally on October 18th and a Dance on November 8th. It was a fun time for all involved. If you took any pictures at the dance please send them to the yearbook email address. dvyearbook@susanvillesd.org

Yearbook Needs Pictures!!

If you have a great picture that you would like to submit to the yearbook, please email it directly to dvyearbook@susanvillesd.org.
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Follow the link below to log into your CLEVER account. This will take you to one site to access all your online textbooks that are CLEVER compatible. One login and one password for all sites.


SchoolWise is now much more than just a place to check your grades. Follow this link, https://ssd.schoolwise.com/, to see your grades, pay lunch bills, complete online registration, and to see your CASSPP test scores. If you do not have your parent or student activation code. Give the office a call and we can get that to you.

Daily Bulletin

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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember:

Nov. 18 – Minimum Day/Staff Dev.

Nov. 18- Girls Basketball: Janesville @ DV 3:30 and 4:30

Nov. 19- Girls Basketball: Johnstonville @ DV 4 and 5

Nov. 19-22 – Minimum Days/Conferences

Nov. 20- Board Meeting @ 5:30

Nov. 25-29 – Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 2- Girls Basketball: Westwood @ DV 4 and 5

Dec. 3-Girls Basketball: DV @ South County 4 and 5

Dec. 5 - Constitution Study Session

Dec. 5 - Harvest of the Month - Cabbage

Dec. 5-7- Girls Basketball: Janesville Tourney

Dec. 7- Saturday School

Dec. 10- Constitution Study Session

Dec. 11 & 12 - Constitution TEST

Dec. 12- Thursday School

Dec. 18- Board Meeting @ 5:30

Dec. 20 – Minimum Day

Dec. 20- ASB Rally

Dec. 23-Jan. 3 – Winter Break

Jan. 9 - Harvest of the Month - Beets

Jan. 11- Saturday School

Jan. 15- Board Meeting @ 5:30

Jan. 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 23- Thursday School

Jan. 31- Fancy Dance 6:30-9

Feb. 1- Saturday School

Feb. 6 - Harvest of the Month - Cara Cara Orange

Feb. 10 – Lincoln’s Birthday

Feb. 14- ASB Heart Game

Feb. 17 – Presidents’ Day

Feb. 19- Board Meeting

Feb. 27- Thursday School

Feb. 28 – Second Trimester Ends

Mar. 5 - Harvest of the Month - Asparagus

Mar. 7- Saturday School

Mar. 10 – Minimum Day/Staff Dev.

Mar. 11-13 – Minimum Days/Conferences

Mar. 17- ASB Shamrock Game

Mar. 18- Board Meeting @ 5:30

Mar. 19-Thursday School

Mar. 25- Lifetouch Spring Pictures

Apr. 3 - Harvest of the Month - Tri Colored Carrots

Apr. 6-13 – Spring Break

Apr. 15- Board Meeting @ 5:30

Apr. 18- Saturday School

Apr. 23- Thursday School

Apr. 24- Dance 6:30-9:00

May 2- Saturday School

May 7 - Harvest of the Month - Cucumber Salad

May 7- Thursday School

May 15- ASB Rally

May 16- Saturday School

May 17- Board Meeting @ 5:30

May 22 – Memorial Day

May 28-29 - Eighth Grade Graduation Trip

June 1-5 – Minimum Days

June 4 – Graduation Day

June 5 – Minimum Day/Last Day of School

June 15- Board Meeting @ 5:30

SPEAK UP- Follow this link to use our Anonymous Tip Form

To report an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

The purpose of this tip form is to report situations so that they may be taken care of in a positive and respectful manner.

We encourage good faith reporting of information through this website. You may report incidences of suspicious behavior or concerns regarding a student or any other issue that does not require immediate assistance. This tip line is not monitored 24/7. For an immediate response, please use your telephone and dial 911.

Whether your concern is regarding an incident that has already occurred or one that is about to take place, please submit your issue along with any details you have and let us investigate. Tips regarding academic concerns should be addressed with your teacher.

Please note, it is a federal crime to anonymously “annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person” via the internet.

Efforts will be placed on confidentiality, and all concerns will be investigated in a timely manner.

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