The Weapon That You Didn't Know

By:Conner B. P.4

As the green beast roared across the sky. The red tip nose cone is the most destructive weapon known to man. Some bombs just blow up while others have a strong and more aggressive skill set. The right type of bomb can deal lethal damage.

Surprisingly enough the first bomb ever created was in the 1300's by the Chinese. It all happens because of the Discovery or the explosive powder black powder (Gun Powder) the powder used in propelling bullets.

When people hear bomb the probably think of Nukes or Grenades, but in fact there are many different types. From napalms to grenades.

The gas bomb is a bomb that spreads deadly gases like chorine or tear gas. It's designed to infect and kill. The depth charge explodes when it reaches a certain depth in the ocean. The rocket propelled bomb/grenade RPG is one of the most classic bomb created.

My top 5 picks are... 1)the cluster bomb is a large bomb that shots up and "explodes" in mid air and separates in many smaller bomb. 4) The napalm is a bomb that is basically a flame thrower on steroids exploding. 3) The fuel air is a bomb that drops explosive gas and then ignites it. 2) smart bombs are ether controlled by a grounded controller I.E a person or it uses heat tracing. 1) Probably every ones favorite . A firkin Nuke. The Most Destructive weapon known to man.

The right bomb for the right job can be lethal. The future of man will change by the type of bomb and when. I think that bombs need to be respected for the survival of the human species.


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