The Hogwarts Herald

News From Mr. Lambert's 5th Grade Class

Week of May 23 - May 27, 2016

We're on the final lap ladies and gentlemen. We've finally wrapped up all of our year-end field trips and programs, now its time to wrap up academically. During our final, full week of classes we'll be wrapping up our final chapter in Math, as well as taking a cumulative review assessment, to think through all we've learned this year. In Science we'll be spending some time with Bill Nye the Science Guy, who will be teaching us about force, and having a "surprise" egg drop on Thursday and Friday. Finally in Reading, we'll be working through two final Studies Weekly packets to finish discussing the Civil War, in class. We'll also be working on a final project for our Success Group novels, (ask your student about this project, as each group's project is different).

Finally, its a "last call" for any missing work for partial credit this week, as grades will need to be ready to come home to you during our final, partial week. Work should be current in PowerSchool by Monday morning, as well as current through last week on the "Missing Assignment" reports that went home last week. Keep pushing to help your students finish strong!

Important Dates

May 25 - Limo to Lunch at Pizza King for the Major Saver sellers that earned this prize.

June 1 - End of the 4th Grading Period - LAST DAY for students