the tortment

written by lauren kates

torment is about a book takes place on a fantasy it has ups and downs and people who judge upon one another relationship but the strange thing is,is that lucinda doesn't know about her past life she doesn't know anything bout her real birth mother she only knows what the memories of the past tell also tells about her boyfriend dainel who she fell so deeply in love with

in the middle

in the middle of the story lucinda starts to learn about her past life she didnt know about she starts to learn tha her boyfriend has been protecting her since they were growing up in a small village together . dainel her boyfriend fell in love with her and he just had to make her his also danil was a bad and good guy he was killing people to keep her safe because the evil was trying to make lucinda be on there team to sin and do terrible thing and kill other people that was innocent so dainel lied to lucinda's teachers saying she was goin out of town so he could keep her safe from the bad so she winds up in a camp with angles only

character i didnt like i liked all of them because they all was giving good character ship


at the end the angles and demons go in to war over lucinda at her birth parents house that she finally gets to met because she never knew her real birth parents she was passed down from family to family till she finally goes through portals and screens to learn about her past life and who her real parents were . but while at war danil tells lucina to go in the basement till the war is over but some how

at a camp hiding out school

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 at 10pm

This is an online event.

at a camp hinding out school

hiding from the bad

traveling from portals

class time is 12;00 - 2-54

all following students are in bed by dark

all following students should be active and all activities and events we have

main characters in the story were dainel jason lucinda lucinda parents sam the demonds and angels


school camp

Friday, Feb. 6th, 9pm

This is an online event.

at the school camp basically u do the things a normal kid would do but mainly u are under servallince so anybody bad who tries to trust pass could be seen but the good part about it is that they cant see you they can only since because theres to many angles to seek out the right one
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You