August Newsletter

Back to school with Melaleuca

Great things are happening

August is such a busy month! Kids are back in school. Many are signing up for football, cheerleading, Dance and many other after school activities. We often get over whelmed and forget how shopping & sharing our store can make our lives easier.

If you are one of our customers then you can take advantage of our Market Place. Over 650 retails partnered with us to give you the same great sales and saving that you get in stores but with convince of shopping online. Not only will this save you on every purchase you will also earn cash back! Yep, rebate checks.

Fall is right around the corner with new style and color. Sei Bella has you covered with great new colors and specials. Sei bella uses quality botanicals and essential oils to give you the best look with out harmful leads, mercury or other harmful products. To learn more about what is in the products you use check out

Who couldn't use a few extra dollars? How many times have you told someone about a sale that saved you some money , a program that helped you lose weight, or a offer that was just what you needed? Now think about how much you could earn if you got paid every time that person took advantage of what you said, now think about how much you could earn if you got paid every time they share too! That is what I call a win/win deal. Everyone gets what they want. You can earn enough to pay for you personal order, bridging the gap as a second income or saving for retirement. We are here to help you reach your goal. From now until Aug 15th you can start new members for only $14.50.

We are keeping up with the competition. Melaleuca now has a phone app for iPhone. Check it out. One more way to spread the word.

Find your Freedom Working From Home

If you are interested in starting a business or becoming a customer please feel free to contact me anytime for additional information.