Physical Therapy

By: Karsen Schultz


From $60,000 to $79,000.

Duties and Responsibilities

Physical therapists help people with physical injuries or illnesses to regain movement and control their pain. In this career you need to be compassionate, have interpersonal skills, and pay attention to details. Compassion and understanding are very important because people are going to be coming to you in pain and they will need your help to get better. You are going to be talking with your patient one on one so you will need to have interpersonal skills and need to have good communication skills also. A physical therapist must document and observe the patient's progress during all steps of the rehabilitation process.

Education and Training

You must have an advanced degree of either a masters or doctorate degree of physical therapy. Usually schooling is 7 years. 4 years undergraduate and 3 years graduate school. A student must complete accredited physical therapy degree programs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • You get to work with people of all ages and athletes.
  • It is a rewarding career that allows you to help others that are injured or need follow up care.
  • Lots of schooling and high costs for your education.
  • Requires detailed documentary work for each patient.

Recommended Classes to Take in High School

You will just need to take all of your basic science classes.

Entry Level Positions and Advancement Opportunities

Most physical therapists work in hospital or clinical sites as assistants or aides while earning their masters degree. Some are also student athletic trainers. Once you have completed your masters/doctorate degree you may seek employment in different fields. Advancement opportunities may include being a department manager with other physical therapists working under you.