Star Network Topology

Mackenzie Ogilvie

What it is

In this type of network topology, all the nodes are connected individually to one common hub. The transmission stations are connected to the central node in such a manner that the design resembles the shape of a star, and hence, the name. The star topology design resembles a bicycle wheel with spokes radiating from the center. In this case, data exchange can only be carried out indirectly via the central node to which all the other nodes are connected.


  • It is very easy to install and manage the star network topology, as it is the simplest of the lot when it comes to functionality.

  • Also, the fact that data packets only make it through three different points ensures that the data is safe.


  • The foremost problem with the star network topology is the fact that it is highly dependent on the functioning of the central hub.

  • The size of the network is dependent on how many connections can be made to the hub. As the number of connections increases, so does the size, and thus, the workings.