Lien Cheng Taiwan-made saxophone

Vol. 5 How does Antonio Hart feel about LC Sax?

About Antonio Hart...

Antonio Hart, a professor in Queens College, is a well-known Jazz Saxophone player in U.S. In 1977 Antonio earned Grammy nomination for "Best Jazz Instrumental Solo".

Started from his childhood, Antonio found his interest in music since he was ninth grade then he went to Baltimore School and majored in classical music. During the school years, he gradually amazed and stunned by the beautiful melody of Jazz music then decided to go to Berklee College of Music to study Jazz. The most life turning point was the time he meet Roy Hargrove. They did touring the world together and he even used Roy Hargrove for his debut record.

When Antonio Hart met LC Saxophone...

LC Alto 702 Un-Lacquer-The saxophone loved by modern Jazz Master

LC Alto 702 saxophone is a playful instrument. This series is be adored by Saxophone players from beginner to professional. The A-702 series provide the superior quality. The 91% copper material makes the tune sounds more profound and mellow. This versatile instrument fabricated by LC Sax which experienced in manufacturing saxophone for 7 decades.

The antique look of the un-lacquer A702 is very popular for Italy and France these years. This vintage style exuded a bit hint of Jazz and late 50s charm personality. A702UL be endorsed by Antonio Hart no matter Looks or the quality.

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We are in Taichung Houli, Taiwan

A lovely place breed saxophone makers. You can easily hear the sound of saxophone come from street played by Houli resident aged from 16-65. Saxophone is not only rich men's toy but also became an entertainment for a lot of people in Houli.