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Grace O.

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why i chose this quote is....

I liked this quote because it means to me that when i get a book and i am done with it i will want get another book like it.

10 Things About Me As A Reader....

I like volleyball and golf, also my favorite color is orange that's me as a person. I am a slow reader who likes big words.

1. I prefer glossy stock books

2. I like to read when it is rainy

3. My favorite books are comic books

4. I like to skip some pages

5. I like to read when it is quiet and peaceful

6. I do not like sci-fi fantasy

7. I love to visit libraries on the weekends

8. I like it to be dark when i am reading

9. I like to get my books from barns and nobles

10. I read more during the winter

My Latest Blog Entry....

I have been reading Anya's ghost and it is about a girl named Anya who gets stuck in this hole and meets a ghost. Once Anya gets to know this ghost they both have a lot of fun with each other. Since the ghost was being so nice Anya tries to figure out the ghost's murder. The it turns out the ghost's murder was a lie. I enjoyed this book because the character is funny and that
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
I like this song because it makes me feel strong about reading
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Book Recommendation Site....

I chose No Flying No Tights because I am a big fan of graphic novels. Also that I would recommend this site to people who really like graphic novels because they don't really have regular books and that they have books for kids, adults, and teens.