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A business run by the people, for the people

A Xenca business could have both you and your bank account looking and feeling in peak condition

Xenca Franchise Opportunity Our beauty and wellness business is designed and operated by experienced industry professionals who are directly involved in selling the products ‐ all the Directors are active Associates. This makes it very different.

We understand exactly what customers want, what Associates need, what the challenges are, what works best and what′s a waste of time! Whether it′s new product development or marketing support, training and coaching or commissions and rewards, we put your interests first ‐ we have a personal vested interest in the success of Associates because we’re Associates ourselves!

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We′re looking for good people to invest our time and effort into helping and developing. We want to build a sustainable and profitable long term business, not make quick money from selling expensive franchises, charging extravagant fees or stipulating minimum order requirements. That′s why the initial outlay to get started can be as little as £50.

Our unusual structure means this is genuinely your business ‐ you’ll enjoy a much greater sense of community and a share of the annual profits. You’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

Be your own boss and choose your own hours and place of work

Work with a cutting‐edge British beauty and nutrition brand

Unique, natural, organic and eco-friendly products, including skin care, weight management, and wellbeing ranges ‐ plus our exciting new British brand of organic makeup

Be part of a community of professionals who are willing to help you succeed

Innovative marketing using latest social media technologies

Your own ready‐to‐use sales website

Generous profit margin between 30% and 45%

Additional commissions up to 25% for team management activity

No previous experience necessary ‐ just bring your energy and enthusiasm!

This is an uncomplicated business built on honesty, integrity and great unique products that people order again and again. If you′d like to use it to develop a thriving business from home, or to add new revenue streams to your existing beauty or natural health company, click below to request your free information pack.

Xenca offers an even more flexible and affordable way for you to leave your income looking and feeling as healthy and attractive as your customers will!

Introducing Xenca : Your New Opportunity

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