Stonybrook Middle School

The Knightly News, October 2019

Ready to Learn - Be Responsible - Be Respectful - Be Safe!!

Peak of the Market Fundraising Drive for SMS!

We have started our fundraiser for our school with the “Farm 2 School” project. Our students are currently selling bundles of vegetables supplied by Peak of the Market. SMS is committed to a healthy school initiative, supporting local farmers and economies, sustainable consumer choices and charity. This fundraiser matches up well with these priorities. The fundraiser began on September 30th and will run to October 14th. There are 2 different bundles of vegetables available to buy.

Bundle A is $12 and includes 2 pounds of carrots, 2 pounds of onions and 5 pounds of potatoes.

Bundle B is $22 and includes 3 pounds of carrots, 3 pounds of onions, 10 pounds of potatoes, 1 pound of parsnips and 1 head of cabbage.

Bundles of vegetables will be available for pick up on Tuesday, October 22nd and Wednesday, October 23rd at the SMS track (off bus loop) between the hours of 1:30-3:30 and 4:30-7:00. We will be posting a pick-up notice on our website ( as well as with the local media. We always need help from parents to make our fundraisers successful, so we ask that you encourage your child to sell and consider about buying yourself. The vegetables we are selling are the same price or cheaper than those in the grocery store. If you want to support our school but don’t need the vegetables, please consider buying a bundle of vegetables and it will be donated to the Southeast Helping Hands or Soup’s On, our local soup kitchen. All money and forms should be handed in by Tuesday, October 15th.

Please visit for more information about this fundraiser.

If you own a business, and you would like to contribute some prizes for our students as incentives for selling vegetables, please contact Mr. AJ Neufeld. Your contributions would be very much appreciated!

Our fundraising project for this year is to raise money for an outdoor activity structure for our students. We have been enjoying Phase 1 of our Activity Structure, and hope to continue with adding to it.

We thank you for your support!!

Student Vote Campaign 2019

SMS’s Student Leadership team is organizing Elections Canada’s Student Vote 2019 campaign for the coming federal election. This is an initiative to get youth involved with the electoral process and to take part in the voting.

On Monday, Oct. 7th we have three of the candidates visiting our school to share their platform ideas with the students and to have a brief question and answer session with the students. Following this, on Oct. 15th, students will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choosing.

This campaign is meant to simulate an authentic voting experience so our students know what it is like. The results of our Student VOte will be submitted to Elections Canada and compiled with other youth votes from across Canada. Once the actual federal election is over, these results will be publicized to see what issues are important to the youth of Canada, and if they could vote, who they would elect into office.

Our school results will be announced after the actual election as well, so our students can see who would have won based on our voter turnout.

Stay tuned for updates in the next newsletter.

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School Bus Safety Week October 15-18

Most school bus fatalities occur when children are outside the bus, and 75% of these fatalities involve children under the age of nine.

Make sure your children know and follow these rules:

1. Be on time.

2. Never run to or from the bus.

3. Stand back from the curb.

4. Don't push or shove.

5. Stay in your seat.

6. Don't yell or shout.

7. Always obey the driver.

8. Wait for the driver's signal before crossing.

9. Always cross at least ten feet in front of the bus.

10. Never crawl under a school bus.

Meet the bus - coordinate with other parents to ensure an adult is present at the bus stop every day, especially when children under the age of nine are present.

When dropping your children off at school, please drop them off on the right side of the road - please do not drop them off across from the school where they would have to cross the road. Also be mindful that the speed limit in school zones is 30 kms/hr.

The Pupil Transportation Unit has some other important safety tips on School Bus Safety.

Other Bus Notes

If you need any information regarding urban bus routes or bus delays, you can access that information from the website. Under the Service tab:

1. Bus Delay Bulletins are posted whenever any bus urban or rural will be late due to weather or mechanical issues.

2. Steinbach Urban Bus Routes - you can access maps and times of all urban bus routes. This is available for urban buses only. Please be aware that urban stops are like City of Winnipeg transit stops - if the child is not at the bus stop, the bus will not wait for them. The child can ride the bus whenever they want as long as their address is up to date and the child is listed to be on that bus. This means that you will not have to make special arrangements with bus driver or division office when your child will not be on the bus (ex. when child takes bike to school).

Thank you for checking these options before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays and Steinbach urban bus route times and maps.

If you have any other questions regarding buses (eligibility/updating address etc), please call the Bus Division Office at 204-320-2347.

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SMS Canteen

We are excited that hot lunches are being offered Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday - Cheese Pizza (Little Caesar's) - $2/slice

Wednesday - Pepperoni Pizza (Little Caesar's) - $2/slice

Pizza needs to be pre-ordered in the morning, the canteen is open from 8:30-9:00 for ordering.

The canteen will also be open on Thursday at lunch. No hot lunch will be ordered that day, but students can purchase items that are in stock in the canteen.

Thanks to the PAC and other parent volunteers (and their children) who generously offer their time to come in the mornings and at lunch time to take orders and serve the food. We appreciate all your hard work.

SMS Breakfast Club

If your child would benefit from having something nutritious to eat when they get to school, they are welcome to come to the Foods Room from 8:30-9:00 a.m. There is no sign up required, just come on by!
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Important Dates to Remember

September 30-October 14 Peak of the Market Fundraising Project

Wednesday, October 9 Grade 6/8 Immunizations (am)

Monday, October 14 Thanksgiving Day (No Classes)

Tuesday to Friday, October 15-18 Interim Reports to Parents

Tuesday to Friday, October 15-18 Bus Safety Week

Tuesday, October 15 Student Vote

Tuesday, October 22nd and Wednesday, October 23rd Peak of the Market Veggie Pick Up

Friday, October 25 MTS Professional Development Day (No Classes)

Wednesday, October 30 Picture Retakes

Important Upcoming Event in November: Grade 7 and 8's going to see Robb Nash in Winnipeg!

Clothing Sales!

Stay tuned for more information on the November newsletter!

Picture Retake Day - Wednesday, October 30

If you wish to have your child’s picture re-taken, please have your child bring their proof package to the school office. Their name will be put on the re-take list. All students who were absent on Picture Day will automatically be on that list.

Students will receive proof packages from which they can order. Acceptable results are guaranteed. Due date will be indicated on the proof package.

If you have any questions, please contact Lifetouch directly at 1-866-443-9640. Orders can be made via internet ( or should be mailed directly to Lifetouch at Lifetouch Canada Inc., 1410 Mountain Avenue, Suite 1, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0A4.

Looking Back on September!

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Terry Fox Run

On Thursday, September 26th, we braved the rain to participate in the annual Terry Fox Run. The students walked and/or ran from SMS to the Steinbach Water Tower. The actual run (just to water tower and back) was measured at 3.2 kms in total. All the students enjoyed an ice cream sandwich treat when they finished the run! Students and staff raised the amount of $310.00 with their “Toonies for Terry”! We are proud and excited to send that much money to the Terry Fox Campaign and look forward to supporting them again next year.

Thanks to all who participated and the parents who came to help supervise the students as they made the trek!

Strong Connections

We had some great connection times with students on September 13th and 16th, as teachers could spend some one-on-one time with students. Students also spent some time re-connecting after the summer months and also getting to know new students. The students had a half day connecting with their teachers doing some numeracy and literacy assessments. The other half of the day was spent on art projects and fitness challenges!

Cross Country Season

We had a spectacular cross country season! The weather was a little challenging, but we worked through it for the practices and the races. One Cross Country race was cancelled, however, the second went as planned. The team also participated in the Provincial Milk Run in Winnipeg. We just found out that we finished in 2nd place in both Grade 7 girls and boys categories!

Congratulations to our Cross Country Team for their efforts and the banners they brought back to school! Thanks also to Mr. Thiessen and Mrs. Kasdorf for taking the time to coach the team. Thank you also to the parents who came along as volunteers.

Orange Shirt Day September 27, 2019

Friday, September 27 was a special day at SMS. We celebrated "Orange Shirt Day". This was a day when we honored the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada and learned more about the history of those schools. Part of the day included a presentation by the Aboriginal Dance School.

Quote from teachers:

> The Aboriginal Dance School was AMAZING! My kids were so amazed by them!

> It was amazing to see the learning about Orange day deepen as students were engaged with each activity .

> From my kids not knowing anything about "Orange Shirt Day" to being passionately moved by it all, this day made a difference in their lives.

Here are some pictures from that day.