Owl Notes


INFORMATION ... Updates from the district

*Copies - If at all possible, or those who can, send me your packets by Wednesday afternoon so that I can copy them on Thursday.

*Friday - Remember that Friday is a holiday from school. Please make sure you take it!

*Report Cards - If you have for a copy of a report card for a parent, I will be forwarding those to you to send on to parents. All PK, K, and 1st have been sent to print shop to be mailed. Hopefully went out yesterday.

*ORE app - Lisa McGarrah has helped update the ORE app. When you open it, password is owls all lower case letters. You can access the COVID-19 folder from there. Thanks Lisa!

*Videos - As we move forward, just move forward. Our ultimate goal is to get one video per subject per week, but if you can't get there right now, that's okay. Just do your best and keep adding each week.

*Technology training - Due to Friday being a holiday, Lisa is going to start training next week. Be on the look out for a sign up from her.

Feeding Sign Up

If you are willing to serve from 10-1 on Tuesday and/or Thursday of next week for the feeding program. You do have to stay the entire time. They will take your temperature when you arrive, ask if you have been sick, and expect you to have a covering for your mouth and nose. Please sign up at the link below.

Just a reminder, unfortunately, paraprofessionals cannot assist with this. We need a max of 10 people per day.


Below is a pdf of the most updated Grading Guidelines from the district. It is not meant to be shared with parents as there are lots of explanations for you. Please take time to read through the entire document. If you have any questions afterwards, please email me.

Parents will be notified of this by me in The Hoot Owl this week. District is working on a version for parents.


Krissy Calhoun has created a video using Zoom including how to use all the privacy settings and the new waiting room. As soon as it arrives in my inbox, I'll forward it to you.


Team leaders will resume meeting next Monday at 11:00.

PLC (CTT) on Tuesday per schedule.

Wednesday is planning per schedule.

SELF CARE - Destress

What are you doing to de-stress? Have you made plans to relax and do something for yourself or your family on Friday? Remember to set an alarm signaling the end of your work day and stick to it.

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