Monochromatic Landscape

By: Hannah Puryear 2B

My Monochromatic Landscape

Reference Photo

I don't have a picture of my painting because it was entered in the contest.

Elements and Principles

The element of art used in my work is value. I organized these to achieve the principle of design, Unity. Unity is when you create a harmonious feeling throughout a work of art repeating an element. I repeated one color through tints and shades to create unity.

History and Culture

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was created in August of 2011 in Washington DC. It was built to honor Martin Luther King and the work that he did in America. It was built in Washington DC so it could be seen among many other famous statues that are important to our history. The memorial shows three themes that were central throughout his life - democracy, justice, and hope.

Art and Design

In 2000 ROMA Design Group was chosen out of 900 candidates to design the memorial. The center piece of the statue is a 30 ft. Martin Luther King. His I Had A Dream speech is carved into the Stone of Hope. There are also two boulders that symbolize the Mountain of Despair which spilt in half to give way to the Stone of Hope. Both of these pieces represent his speech. In 2006 ROMA went to Chine to inspect a certain type of stone for the memorial. They used a special kind of granite call white granite that was said to be sold only by China.

Personal Response

I chose this memorial statue because I have always learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in school and I have always thought that he was a very important part of our history. Without him we might not be able to be together like we are today. He has been known throughout the whole world for being one of the main reasons why African Americans and Americans can live together in harmony. Choosing this memorial has given me a way to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the work that he did in the United States.

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