Tipping Point


What are character traits of Salemen?

  • "One of the conclusions of the authors of the headphones study- Gary Wells of the University of Alberta and Richard Petty of the University of Missouri..."
  • "Similarly the ABC viewers who voted for Reagan would never, in a thousand years tell you that they voted that way because Peter Jennings smiled every time he mentioned the president..."
  • "That should make the people using the script book every bit as persuasive as Tom Gua..."
  • "I think, very important clues as to what makes someone like Tom Gua-or, for that matter, any sales-man in our lives-so effective..."
  • "He seems to have some kind of indefinable trait. Something powerful and contagious and irresistible that goes beyond what comes out of his mouth, that makes people who meet him want to agree with him. It's energy. It's enthusiasm. It's charm. It's likability. It's all those things and yet something more. At one point I asked him whether he was happy, and he fairly bounced off his chair."