"I Matter Because" PTA Reflections


Shore Winning Entries-Going to State!

Visual Arts & Photography

Film Production

Vincent Klima, 6th Grade

Artist Statement: "My work is related to the theme because my family matters and they make me feel like I matter."

Gabriella Quigley, 6th Grde

Artist Statement: "This film is about the important people that matter during these tough times; healthcare workers, school workers, etc."
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Landyn Reminick, 6th Grade

Artist Statement: "I matter because the world matters to me. Everyone in the world is an important person to me. Everyone is different, but that is what the world is made up about. I try to be kind to everyone, and wish everyone will be kind to each other"
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Music Composition

Nora Tulenson, 8th Grade

Artist Statement: "I matter. That is what this piece of music is about. I matter because I know I am the only Nora that is completely like me. I matter because the good things I do in this world make a difference without me even noticing. I am kind, brave, confident, and strong. I am smart, loved, and helpful. My piece reminds me of how I am all these amazing things. I am so proud of writing this amazing piece."

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Wishing these students all the best as their artwork is judged at the State level of the contest!

Results from State will be announced March 2021.

Winning entries at the State level will move on to the National level of the contest.

National results will be announced May, 2021.