Ayana Richard


All about mee!! :)

What’s up! It’s Ayana Richard here and I’m going to tell you some facts about me! I absolutely love dance, volleyball and softball!

My birthday is December 14, 2001.

I am 11 and I’m in 6th grade!!

My favorite color is lime green!

My favorite food is spaghetti!

My talent is singing, volleyball and dance!

I just started softball so I can't say I love it or that its one of my talents.

3 things to describe me would be Talented, smart and funny!!

I have a sister that’s older than me like way older than me!

My mom’s name is Evita and my dad’s name is Larry!!

O...M...Wowzaa!! I forgot to tell you my sister’s name!!! Silly me!

I have won 12 full volleyball games and 6 championship games!

I have to say I am very competitive at some things!

Like for instance singing I get nervous to sing around certain people but when I’m like with my close friends I can sing loud and clear and NOT be scared!! And that’s all the facts that I think I should share so bye!!!!

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