Great Gilly Hopkins

By: Addi, Kylie, & Catherine


In Great Gilly Hopkins, Gilly is a foster kid with a temper. Her only dream is to be with her mother in California. Gilly has just moved in with a Christian family. Her foster mothers name is Madame Trotter and her foster brothers name is William Ernest (W.E). The main conflict is that Gilly wants to be with her real mother (Courtney Hopkins). The solution she learns to love her foster family, but has to go with her grandmother and meet her mother but she doesn't love her like she loves Trotter

Messages or Lessons

In The Great Gilly Hopkins, hates her foster mother in the beginning, but then learns to love her. That lesson is to never judge people until you get to know them. Another message is that you may not love someone at first but then you learn to love them, Gilly HATES Trotter but in the end she says that she loves her.

Role Models

Mrs. Trotter is a great positive role model because she is very holy and does good things for others like she invites Mr. Randloff over for dinner. She also changed Gilly from being very mean and cruel to caring and lovable.

Great Gilly is a bad role model at the beginning of the story because she is very rude and is mean to others. Also she beats kids up and does not listen to adults. Plus she is unkind to other kids who want to be friends with her.

How realistic are the events?

The events that are in the story are very realistic because if you were a foster kid you would probably be angry because you would have never met your mother and that is a big part of a child's childhood/life. You also would have to move a lot throughout you life and you would miss people. That would make me angry too.

How can you relate? Why or why not.

You can relate to this story if you are in 6th grade because they can learn its not okay to be rude or mean to teachers or other students until you get to know them. Also it can relate in the way that Gilly is very interested in her past but wants to have a good future. We also would like to recommend this book to other 6th graders because it is a wonderful book with many life lessons that can help you if you need that kind of advice.